Warm Up:10 No Jump Burpees

10R/10L DB Press @light DB

10R/10L Shoulder Taps in Plank

10 Squat Jumps (Not TNG)

Strength: Skill Practice: TGU

Then: 8 minutes EMOM Of:

M1: 2R/2L Turkish Get Up

M2: 30 seconds L-Hang, OR 30 seconds Hollow Hold

WOD: 4 RFQ Of:

30 seconds OH Hold @2XKB @light KBs

10R/10L One Arm RKBS @light KB (same as for the hold)

30 Seconds Supinated Hang

10R/10L Lateral Box Step Ups @box as high as possible – slow & controlled on the way down, heel must remains on the box