Warm Up: 10X3-Way SPT

10 Yoga Push Ups

10 One Arm DB Shoulder Press each arm

10 Negative Pull Ups (3 seconds on the way down)

Strength:  A. 4 minutes EMOM Of: 7 STO

-Rest 2 min-

B. 4 minutes EMOM Of: 5 STO (+ weight from A.)

-Rest 2 min-

C. 4 minutes EMOM Of: 3 STO (+ weight from B.)

*Be smart about the starting weight in A. Work from the floor, beginners from the rig.

WOD: 9 minutes AMRAP Of ,8-12-15-18….

Hang Clean @40/30kg

Wall Ball @20/14lbs

Score=Total Reps.