Warm Up: 4 Rounds Of:

8 Inch Worms w/ Push Up

20 Standing SPT

10 PVC Good Mornings

60 Second Dead Hang

Strength: 3 Sets Of:

1) 30 Seconds Wall Facing HS Hold (Beginners: Hold with feet as high as possible on wall w/ good form).

2) 30 Seconds Top of Ring Hold w/ rings turned out, hollow body (Beginners: 30 Seconds Hollow Hold).

3) 10 Kipping Swings – focus on form!

4) 10 Standing SPT – Slow with as narrow width as possible with straight arms (Advanced: add small plates).

*Rest as needed between movements & sets.

WOD: For Time:

30 Deadlifts @110/80kg

40 HSPU (Beginners: DB Push Press AHAP)

50 Box Jump Overs @60/50cm

Time Cap: 16 minutes.