Warm Up: 15 Wallball shots @light WB

10 DB Strict Press @2x light DB

10 Slo-Mo Push Ups

10 SPT

60 Second Dead Hang

Burgener Warmup

Strength: Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes (10 sets):

2 Power Clean + 1 S2OH

*Build over the course of the 6 sets to something heavy for the day.

Beginners: Practice hang power clean + S2OH technique

**Work in pairs or 3's.

WOD: 2 Five Minute AMRAPS:

5 minutes AMRAP Of:

8 C2B
16 DB Hang Clean & Jerk (8R/8L) @22.5/15kg
8 Burpees

*Rest 3 minutes.

5 minutes AMRAP Of:

14 Box Jump Overs @60/50cm

14 Wallball Shots @20/14lb

*Half starts on the first AMRAP, other half on the second, then switch.