Warm Up: 30 Alternating Lunges

30 Standing SPT

10 Yoga Push Ups

30 seconds Wall Facing HS Hold

30 seconds Hollow Hold

30 seconds Plank Hold

Strength: 2 Sets Of:

15 seconds Wall Facing HS Hold
20 seconds Hollow Hold
16 Alternating Lunges @2X22.5/15kg DB in Farmer's Hold


2 Sets Of:

15 Sec Ring Support Hold
15 Sec Bottom of the Ring Dip Hold
5-10 Strict Ring Dips

*Rest as needed between all sets.

WOD: 15 minutes AMRAP Of:

400 meter Row

12 DB Front Squats @2DB 22.5/15kg

100 meter Farmers Carry @2DB 22.5/15kg