Warm Up:45 seconds Dead Hang

45 seconds HS Hold

10 Single Arm Shoulder Press @light DB

10 Waiter Squat each side @light DB

10 Inch Worms

Strength: 4 Sets Of:

ME Strict Pull Ups @ +10% BW (Or @BW)

Beginners: 6 Reps Strict PU with Band + 5 challenging ring rows (Both movements should be slow & controlled!)

-Rest 30 seconds-

8 Z-Press @ 2DB (seated on floor with legs straight in front)

-Rest 2 minutes-

WOD: 3 Intervals Of:

400 meter Row

*Rest as needed between intervals. Focus on good form!

Cash Out: 6 Sets Of:

20 seconds Hollow Hold

20 seconds Deang with a DB (hold with legs) AHAP

*20 seconds rest between movements. Rest as needed between sets.