Warm Up:30 Alternating Lunges

10 X 3-Way SPT

10 Shoulder Taps each side

30 seconds Plank Hold

15 One Arm KB Shoulder Press each side @light KB

Strength: A. Accumulate 2 minutes Supinated Dead Hang.

B. Accumulate 2 minutes Double KB OH hold @2KB AHAP (choose a challenging weight that you can hold for 30

seconds per set with arms locked out).

C. Accumulate 2 minutes Hollow Hold.

D. Accumulate 2 minutes Squat Hold on Wall.

*Time Cap for each movement: 4 minutes.

WOD: For Time:

80 DB Power Cleans @2X22.5/15kg

70 Alternating Lunges @2X22.5/15kg in a Farmer Hold

60 DB Goblet Squats @ 1DB 22.5/15kg

Time Cap: 15 minutes.