Warm Up: 20 Alternating Lunges

10X3-Way SPT

10 Yoga Push Ups

10 each side One Arm DB Strict Press @light DB

10 each side One Arm DB High Pull @light DB

Skill: Beginners: Practice Kipping.

*Even if you can perform kipping pull ups but with less than perfect technique or less than 10 unbroken reps this is for you! Good technique = efficiency.

Advanced: Only if you can perform more than 10 unbroken reps of kipping pull ups with quality technique– 4 Sets Of:

12 AKBS @32/24kg
6 BMU / 10 C2B / PU

*No rest between the AKBS & BMU, work with perfect technique, break reps if needed, or choose a different movement! Rest 90 seconds between sets.

WOD: 16 minutes AMRAP Of:

22 Alternating OH Lunges @2X15/10kg DBs

8 Burpees over the DBs

22 Alternating OH Lunges @2X15/10kg DBs

8 C2B Pull Ups (Beginners: Jumping CTB Pull Ups)

Score=Total Reps. 1 Rounds=60 Reps.