Warm Up: 2 Rounds Of:

10R/10L DB Lunges @2xDB @light weight

10 DB Front Squats

10 DB Strict Press *1 second pause at the top

10 Jumping Squats

Skill: Goat Day!

Double Unders

Beginners: 12 Minutes DU Skill Practice

Advanced: 5 Rounds Of:

45 Seconds Farmers Hold @2KB/DB @AHAP

40-60 DU *Try to go unbroken! Every break, 3 burpees!

WOD: 15 Minute EMOM Of:

M1: Max Calorie Row

M2: Max Effort HRPU

M3: Max Effort Lunges @ 2x DB @15/10kg

M4: Max Effort TTB

M5: Max Effort S2OH @ 2x DB @15/10kg

*Stop at 45 seconds