Located in Petah Tikva, Israel's third most populous city in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, CrossFit Petah Tikva was our first box, and the pioneer of what is considered to be the largest chain of CrossFit boxes in Israel.

CrossFit Petah Tikva is situated adjacent to the city's main industrial park and offers a complete range of CrossFit workouts and fitness classes to area residents and employees from a wide variety of companies operating in the area and neighboring cities. CrossFit Petah Tikva is located just off the main road, with access to multiple public transportation lines leading to any part of the city and its surroundings.

Enabled by a diverse and lively community of trainers and trainees, CrossFit Petah Tikva laid the foundation for the friendly and supportive environment that has become a staple of the encouraging and compassionate atmosphere in all of our boxes. CrossFit Petah Tikva is unique for its sheer size and impressive array of equipment. It is one of the largest boxes in Israel and its dimensions allow us the ability to hold several different classes at one time. Our offering includes groups WODs, Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit Kids, endurance, strongman, yoga, mobility and skill classes.

Taking advantage of the vast open space in which we are located, CrossFit Petah Tikva boasts a wide array of equipment. From CrossFit to weightlifting to endurance and strongman – our facilities are built to accommodate your every need and make your practice sessions as complete and challenging as you want them to be.

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