Who We Are

We are the largest CrossFit gyms chain in Israel. Our boxes were planned and built in such a way that will make us want to train and practice in them ourselves. We invested in top notch equipment, our training floors are spacious and convenient and our staff is the best in the country.

Being a CrossFit gyms chain in nature, our training sessions are held in a supervised group practice framework. Our trainers-to-trainees ratio and the attention given to each and every member mean everything to us. In each training session you will find at least two trainers that will coach you.

What We Offer

In addition to the "classic" CrossFit classes, we offer comprehensive training programs that enable every member to find a solution for their exact training interests. Among those programs you will find our endurance, strongman, Olympic Weightlifting and competitors classes. We also offer personal and custom tailored training programs as well as personal training sessions to those who are interested in that venue.

Our Philosophy

Our slogan is Set Work Conquer and it reflects our belief that each and every one of you has the potential to achieve extraordinary accomplishments. In order to fulfill that potential all you have to do is set a goal. Our staff will guide you through the hard work that will get you there. It might be a long journey, but the satisfaction you will get from making your goal a reality is well worth it.

You are invited to join our family!

Doron Pryluk,
Head Coach and Owner

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