Warm Up: 200 meter Run

2 Rounds Of:

10 One Arm Press each arm

30 seconds Front Rack Carry with 2KB

10 One Arm Ring Row each arm

Skill: 4 Sets For Quality:

100 meter Front Rack Carry with 2KBs AHAP

10 One Arm Ring Rows each arm (Beginner: 15 Ring Rows)

10 One Arm Half Kneeling Press each side with a DB AHAP

*Complete a full set then rest as needed.

WOD: 12 minutes EMOM Of:

#1: 4 RMU (Beginners: Jumping RMU / Burpee Pull Up)

#2: 50 DU (Beginners: 45 seconds to practice DUs)

#3: 10 Front Squats with 2KBs AHAP