Warm Up: 30 Standing SPT

20 Alternating Shoulder Taps

60 seconds Supinated Dead Hang

10 Ring / Bar Dips OR HR Push Ups

10 Strict Pull Ups / Ring Rows

15 High Pull each arm @light DB

Skill: 15 minutes EMOM Of:

#1: 30 seconds chin over bar hold

#2: 30 seconds bottom of dip hold

#3: 30 seconds handstand wall on wall hold

#4: 30 seconds top of the rings hold (external rotation in wrists)

#5: 30 seconds hollow rocks/hold

*Try to keep a good hollow position in all movements!

WOD: In Pairs, 6 RFT Of:

21 Back Squats @60/40kg (from the floor, Beginner: from the rig)

15 Cal Row

9 Box Jumps @70/60cm

*I Go You Go full rounds. Each person does 3 rounds.

Time Cap: 18 minutes.