Warm Up: 20 Jump Squats (Not TnG)

10 Inch Worms

10 Squat Press Outs @light weight

60 second Farmer Hold @light weight

60 second Supinated Dead Hang

Strength: 2 KB/DB Farmer Carry 3X90 meters AHAP

*Choose a weight that "burns" but you can handle for the entire distance without breaking. Keep torso upright and scaps pulled back!

**Rest as needed between sets.

WOD: 12 minutes AMRAP Of:

10 Alternating DB Snatch @22.5/15kg

7 Front Squats @60/40kg

10 STO @22.5/15kg (5R/5L)

7 Power Clean @60/40kg

10 Waiter Squats @22.5/15kg (5R/5L)

*Score is total reps completed.

Cash Out: Tabata Hollow Rocks/Hold.