Warm Up: 400 meter Run

10 X 3-Way SPT

10 Inch Worm w/Push Up

10 Scap Pull Ups

10 Kip Swings

75 second Dead Hang

Skill: 15 minutes – Kipping for Pull Ups / TTB / BMU

Beginners: You should NOT be working on kipping prior to developing enough strength and stability in your shoulders – that is how injuries happen. Practice Pull Up Progression if you do not have AT LEAST 5 strict Pull Ups.

WOD: The Volkswagen – For Time:

21 Bench Press @BW

21 Strict Pull Ups

15 Bench Press @BW

15 Strict Pull Ups

9 Bench Press @BW

9 Strict Pull Ups

Time Cap: 16 minutes.