Warmup: 400m Run

10R/10L Lateral Box Step Ups

10R/10L KB Halos @light KB

2 Rounds Of:

30 Seconds Front Rack Mobility Stretch On Box

8 Yoga Push Ups

3 Tempo Goblet Squats w/ 3 seconds on the way down + 20 Second Goblet Squat Hold

Strength: 18 minutes to complete A & B:

Strength A: 4 Sets Of: 4 X 2+1 (Power Clean + S2OH) @75% of 1RM Push Press/Jerk.

*Work in pairs, rest 90 seconds between sets.

Strength B: 4 Sets Of 4 Squat Cleans @same weight as A.

**Work in pairs, rest 60 seconds between sets.

WOD: 7 minutes AMRAP Of:

8 Ball Slams AHAP

6 Box Jumps @70/60cm