Warmup: 400m Run

10 Each Way 3-Way Standing SPT

10 Squat Press Outs @light KB

10 Wall Facing Squats – 3 Seconds on the way down, 2 seconds at the bottom

10 Yoga Push Ups `

10 Jumping Squats *Not touch & go, reset each rep

Strength: Back Squat: 8-6-6-6.

*Start with your heaviest set of 8 from last week, aim to build to 80-85% 1RM in the last set of 6.

WOD: For Time:

15-12-9-6 OHS @40/30kg

After each round: 6-9-12-15

Wall Ball @20/14lbs

Lateral Burpees OTB

*Work in pairs, I go you go, each partner completes all reps and each round should be a sprint!

Time Cap: 16 minutes.